Charlie’s Farm is part of the Lifestyle Center and serves as a retreat and a model organic showcase on how to grow fruits and vegetables without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The farm also raises chickens, duck, geese, goats, and pigs …  the old fashioned way. All the animals are free to roan in selected areas to forage for their own food. The pigs have their own sweet potato patch, The goats munch on banana trees and other shrubs around the farm. The ducks and geese share two lakes and feast on water plants and sprouted wild plants and rice shoots.

In every manner, Charles operates the farm as if it existed before the industrial and chemical revolution because, that is one of the best ways to stay insulin friendly. Farm animals are not given factory food – no processed meal or sacks of hormone laden, synthetic vitamin and mineral man-made “fake” food.

Each of the two lakes are full of many different kinds of fish, and the ducks and geese add to the food chain to make the aquatic life sustainable. Plans are also underway for a small crayfish pond and waterfall, too. “No processed fish food for them either,” says Charles.