The Lifestyle Center showcases everything about living an “insulin friendly”  healthy lifestyle. Organic foods, ozonated drinking water and household water systems, too. There are ozone-treated exercise pools and spas for exercise and relaxation.

Charlie’s Sourdough Bread

The Lifestyle Center is the home to Charlie’s Sourdough Bakery with scrumptious 100% naturally fermented whole grain sourdough breads, pancakes, and Charlie’s Deli offering a wide variety of healthy foods designed, as Charlie says, to help folks “make friends again with insulin and restore their health.” For more information about the sourdough bread, the ingredients, and how to prepare and serve the bread, please visit the Order Sourdough Bread page.

The Lifestyle Center features an ozone-treated chemical-free Cherub™ exercise pool, as well as an ozone-treated traditional family swimming pool.and two spas – featuring Charles’ new US Patented ozone water treatment system for pools and spas. The Cherub™ is perfect for treading water in a clean chemical-free pool … and everyone who visits the Lifestyle Center is encouraged to take a dip, exercise for a while, and then relax in the chemical-free spa.

Also at the center are numerous ozone water treatment systems showing examples of ozone drinking water filters and household water systems for bathing, washing, and laundry. Ozone allows on to treat water without toxic chemicals. It is a natural disinfectant and after it does its job, only oxygen remains. Ozone can remove pollutants and pesticides in well water, rivers, and streams. It can remove harmful chlorine by-products called THMs if the only source of water is city water. Ozone also helps other water filters work better, for example UV Germicidal Lamps which are only effective

Often, Charles also holds seminars at the Lifestyle Center teaching the basics of an “insulin friendly” healthy lifestyle. Attendees are treated to “insulin friendly” food and beverages in keeping with the spirit of such a lifestyle and shown how to make such foods at home. In short, the Lifestyle Center serves as an example of how to “eat, drink, think, and do” in a manner which is “friendly” to insulin.

    • Food & Beverages are all whole real natural foods and minimally processed. Most of the food comes from Charlie’s Farm, although some specialty imported foods are provided as well, such as sardines from Portugal. Everything is free of chemicals, pesticides, GMO products, etc.;
    • Beverages include ozone rich pure drinking water, herbal teas, and naturally fermented beverages. All beverages are naturally delicious without added sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, etc.;
    • Exercise and relaxation is available too. Patrons use the ozone-treated Cherub™ and spa. Charlie also invited folks on walks around the hills to improve muscle tone, elasticity, and conditioning with periodic cardiovascular and high intensity training with short sprints on the steep portion of the local hills;
    • Stress management in the form of exercise and massage is also available;
    • Schedule meal and exercise times in order to modulate insulin & glucagon (“GG”).

Learning the basics of an “insulin friendly” healthy lifestyle can take a long time. There is some study of basic physiology, chemistry, biology, and of course, cell function, enzymes, epigenetics, metabolism, etc. The Lifestyle Center allows many people to experience such a lifestyle, and little by little, implement it in their daily lives. Often many people feel much better within a short time.

Implementing an “insulin friendly” healthy lifestyle is almost impossible if alone … it is a family and community project. It takes team work to provide the healthy food, water, exercise, and stress management to stay in top shape and prevent chronic diseases.

One resource which is available to all is the 2014 Healthy Lifestyle series of seven videos (1-7) which Charles produced for his younger sister Courtney. The video series spans more than 12 hours and describes why the food, water, exercise, and relaxation at the Lifestyle Center is so “insulin friendly.”.  An overview, description,and copy of each video can be found at the link below:

 Charlie’s Healthy Lifestyle Video Series