Charlie’s Old Fashioned Sourdough Bread

Charlie’s Sourdough Bread

The Sourdough Bread Bakery offers home-baked sourdough breads, organic foods, and beverages which are all “insulin friendly” and intended to be staples at every meal. The sourdough bread is made from only 100% whole fresh grains, seeds, and raw fruits.  The fermentation process adds not only a unique flavor, but also greatly reduces the glycemic index and gluten levels in the bread. Charlie’s sourdough bread is made the old fashioned way with wild yeast and friendly bacteria which are given time to consume sugars and produce lactic and acetic acids which not only add subtle flavors, but unlock nutrients and supply soluble and insoluble fibers … so important for excellent gut health.

The sourdough bread makes excellent French Toast and garlic bread. No preservatives are used. Many customers buy the bread in large quantities and to keep it fresh, they freeze it and the steam it to bring it back to life. Actually, steaming the bread tastes so good, that many folks, including Charlie, steam the bread even after it comes fresh out of the oven! For more information and ingredients, please see Order Sourdough Bread.

From the Deli: “Insulin Friendly” Foods & Beverages

The bakery also makes many other healthy foods and beverages – specialty aimed at restoring metabolic function. For example, the bakery sells :

  1. “Sprouted Mouse” made from flax, chia, & Quinoa seeds;
  2. “Free Range Terrines” made from mushroom and free range chicken, duck, pig, or geese.
  3. “Truffles” made from freshly ground cacao, dates, nuts, raw honey, and spices;
  4. “Fermented Vegetables” made from cabbage, beets, and bell peppers;
  5. “Almond Butter” made from almonds and a touch of Himalayan Salt;
  6. “Fruit Jams” made only from fresh fruits in season;
  7. “Vitamin K2 Chips” made from fermented black and red beans’
  8. “Bean Soup” made from beans and vegetables; and,
  9. “Special of the Day” made from whatever the staff conjures up.

Below, an “insulin friendly” five-course lunch: