The Cherub™ is a new generation of chemical-free healthy swimming pools.

Charles Harris
Inventor & Creator of the Cherub™

Technological innovations that change the course of an industry are rare. But, for the recreational and sports water industry, the Cherub™ Pools & Spas exercise swimming pool, the first to treat the water with just air and ozone, is such an innovation. Much easier to keep clean than regular pools and free of chemicals, the Cherub™ pool has quickly won praise from everyone looking for an efficient, sensible, economical, and healthy way to enjoy exercising in water every day. The Cherub™ pool is set to revolutionize the residential pool and exercise industry.

“The Cherub™ is the right swimming pool at the right time,” says Charles Harris, inventor and creator of the Cherub™. Its new technology keeps the pool clean without chemicals like chlorine or salt making it easy to maintain. And, as exercise becomes ever more important in preventing chronic diseases and premature aging, the Cherub™ is a great exercise “machine” which one can enjoy every day without damaging the joints or inhaling chlorine. The Cherub™ is designed for treading water without touching the floor – a great exercise to maintain health and fitness. The pool’s oxygen-rich water makes it a joy to get in and swim – and no harsh chemicals to damage one’s skin, eyes, or lungs.

Cherub™ Exercise Pool … Six Feet Deep

Many people would like to own their pool, but they do not have time to take care of it and the water chemistry is difficult to master – chemicals used in typical pools can be difficult to balance without professional help. Enough space or security can also be an issue. And, going to a public pool treated with chlorine (or salt which makes chlorine by electrolysis) causes mixed emotions. But the Cherub™ solves all of these problems. It saves space. It is easy to keep clean with just routine brushing and vacuuming. It practically takes care of itself … without chemicals or technical help, as long as guidelines are followed (such as keeping the pool covered when not in use). At only 2 by 2.5 meters (about 6 by 8 feet), the Cherub™ is small enough to fit just about anywhere … in the backyard or even in a spare bedroom. Its small size also means less water to keep clean and less surface area to vacuum and brush. And without chemicals to add and adjust constantly, owners can take care of it themselves.


Sifer™ System

Charles in the Cherub™

So why is the Cherub™ pool so easy to keep clean without chlorine, salt, acids, and other chemicals? The Cherub™ uses a revolutionary new chemical-free technology called the Sifer™ system … an ozone-assisted water treatment system Charles invented and for which he received a US patent (No. 8470170). The Cherub™ is the first swimming pool in the world to use the new Sifer™ system. “Prior to the Cherub™ pool, people had to swim in chlorine, acids, salt, etc. But the Cherub™ has done away with all those chemicals. Now, one can keep the water pure and clean naturally with just air and ozone,” says Charles. He adds, “The Cherub™ with its Sifer™ filtration system uses pressurized air containing ozone to circulate the water 24 hours a day. It is a truly remarkable system and a healthy alternative whose time has come.” And for larger conventional outdoor pools and spas, the Cherub™ with its Sifer™ filtration system is designed and can work in tandem with many types of ozone generators, germicidal UV lamps, ultrasound, and other chemical-free technologies to enjoy pure clean water.[1]

[1] Many modern pools and spas use ozone & UV systems to reduce chlorine and other chemicals. Typically, CD ozone generators are used with a venturi along with UV germicidal lamps to create AOPs (advanced oxidation products) when the circulation pump operates. The Cherub™ design with its Sifer™ ozone-assisted water treatment system can be used in tandem with these technologies. Whether or not the Sifer™ system can eliminate chlorine and other chemicals depends upon many factors, including bather loads, size, environment, etc. While the Sifer™ system has been successful for small private outdoor pools, further tests are needed to evaluate its suitability for larger public outdoor “heavy- use” pools.
  • Going “chemical-free” could not come a moment too soon. Every day, more evidence links chlorine to cancer and chemical-related illnesses. Experts warn of the dangers of swimming in chlorine (added manually or indirectly by using salt). “Chemicals like chlorine damage our cells, DNA, and mitochondria. Chlorine by-products interfere with our hormones and damage our lungs and skin. Swimming in chlorinated pools, especially those not properly maintained, can aggravate asthma and sting our lips and eyes,” Charles explains. Reports from the United Nations WHO are linking illnesses with chlorine … even the US Olympic Swim Team members suffer from asthma … and chlorine and its dangerous by-products are the likely suspects.
  • But ozone, germicidal UV, and other chemical-free technologies are different. They are natural and leave no chemical residues. However, because these technologies as traditionally used operate only while a water pump circulates the water, operators and owners still had to use chlorine or other chemicals to keep the water clear and clean – until now.
  • Charles, who spent years in the water treatment industry, says the Cherub™ is the greatest leap in pool and spa technology since the Roman baths. Swimming in the Cherub™ pool is like swimming in “spring water” according to friends, professors, and doctors who have tried it. Pool and spa owners of the future can forget having to mix and add chemicals or hire specialists to maintain the water … the Cherub™ design makes those steps obsolete. Now, owners can take care of their own pools or spas. And, for those who already own a chlorine or salt/chlorine pool, it may be possible to convert to a Cherub™ design … although such a conversion for an outdoor pool has yet to be fully tested.


Charles’ First Ozone Pool … Recently Upgraded to the Cherub™ & Sifer™ System

Charles conceived of the Cherub™ as a “healthy exercise pool” many years ago … while on a trip to Vietnam. As Charles explains, “I stayed at a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. The hotel had a small pool, but the water was a murky green. It was hot and I wanted to swim, but I worried about catching some dreaded ear or eye infection. So, I went swimming but only by treading water … to keep my head out of the water. Quickly, I realized that treading water was one heck of a workout. As the years past, I always sought out pools that were deep enough to tread water. After I settled down and built my own pool and spa, I experimented with the idea of using only air and ozone to treat the water. After many attempts and configurations, the patented Sifer™ system came about. And exercise?  I do the same routine every day … tread water for an hour while watching a video or a documentary with a computer or television next to the pool. For me, it has been a great way to learn and exercise at the same time. Actually, if the movie or documentary is really good, one can forget about time and an hour of swimming goes by quickly.”


Fargo Rousseau & Somkiat Inthong – Helping With Many Critical Steps

Swimming in his own “conventional” pool, Charles found that he used only a small part of it. He explains, “That’s when I started thinking of a smaller pool which was just large enough to tread water. That is how the Cherub™ swimming pool evolved. I wanted something that was easy to maintain, keep warm and clean, and easy to operate – for all seasons.”

Mr. MInna … Cherub™ Master Builder

As with many innovations, Charlie’s Cherub™ came about after years of hard work and a team of very talented people. The Cherub™ pool allows one to exercise every day and focus on preventing chronic diseases. The water is pristine and free of chemicals. The Cherub™ pool is just large enough for one (or two) to tread water without touching the floor or hitting the side walls of the pool. It is elliptical to maximize the swimming area and to minimize the amount of water – very important if one wants to keep the water warm, clean, and save time maintaining the pool.


The Cherub™ Is Made With 316L Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Even the walkway around the Cherub™ is specially designed. The non-slip “beach” dissipates wave energy … preventing accidental “gulping” of water while swimming. The beach also facilitates walking around the pool for cleaning. The Cherub™ pool is portable, too. It can be installed and moved if necessary, making it attractive for renters or for those who worry about having to move in the future. The Cherub™ is made of special stainless steel (the same high-grade 316L stainless steel used in the food industry) which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The Cherub™ pool comes complete with its own ozone treatment system, cover, and insulation. And, it has a lifetime warranty. No chemicals are required as long as one maintains the Cherub™ pool and users practice appropriate hygiene. For those with children or taking care of the disabled, there are options available for improved safety and ease of getting in and out of the pool. Also, one could use the Cherub™ pool as a spa if desired.

“Charlie’s Healthy Lifestyle”…
12-Hour Video Series Re How to Prevent Chronic Diseases

The concept behind the Cherub™ pool figures prominently in “Charlie’s Healthy Lifestyle” – a 12-hour video series Charles made in his old pool to help others stay fit and firm. The healthy lifestyle videos recommend eating whole natural foods, drinking good water, and getting regular exercise (which alone can reduce the risk of chronic diseases by over 50%). Charles made the videos while swimming … “just to show that exercise is important and necessary to incorporate into your life,” he says. Every morning Charles treads water for an hour before breakfast while watching a documentary, lecture, or movie. He adds, “Nothing like a good movie to help me get into the pool on those dark miserable rainy mornings when you do not feel like exercising. And, if it’s a good show, the time passes quickly!”




Ozone Generator for Cherub™

OZONE – THE NATURAL WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM: Swimming in an ozone pool without other chemicals is like swimming in spring water. And without chlorine, there are no unwanted by-products such as Trihalomethanes (known as THMs). THMs are formed when using chlorine or salt-made chlorine systems. THMs are harmful chemicals that are created along with other disinfection by-products when chlorine reacts with contaminants in the water. THMs are linked to many negative effects upon the body by the EPA, WHO, etc. (references upon request). The Cherub™ has no THMs and does not use chlorine or salt-made chlorine.

Sifer™ System for Spas

SIFER™ OZONE-ASSISTED WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM: The revolutionary new Sifer™ system allows use of ozone, germicidal UV lamps, and other chemical-free technologies as needed to keep the pool clean, depending upon bather loads and environmental conditions. A key feature of the Sifer™ system is that excess ozone dissipates outside the pool and away from the bathers; i.e., the ozone off-gases from a separate side filter tank. The Sifer™ system works very well with other technologies, such as germicidal UV lamps and ultrasound because the water always circulates. It also enables easy cleaning of the system’s water filter. The Sifer™ system can be used with conventional pools of any size, spas, exercise pools, physical therapy tubs, etc.

HEALTH & BEAUTY: Women who have been swimming in the Cherub™ chemical-free ozone water say it leaves their skin feeling soft and radiant … their hair clean and silky. They say their eyes do not sting. Since the water is full of oxygen, they also feel like they are getting a beauty treatment while they are swimming. They say it is far better than collagen treatments. And, since there is no chlorine or other chemicals, their skin does not dry out as in other pools.

DAILY EXERCISE TO PREVENT CHRONIC DISEASES: Swimming is a great exercise. As Charles explains in his healthy lifestyle videos, after he started swimming regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, he lost weight, reduced his blood pressure and blood sugar levels, reduced his triglycerides, and increased his good cholesterol (HDL). Before he started his healthy lifestyle, his triglycerides were over 200. Now, after swimming every morning, they have dropped to 42 … without any medications or supplements. “The Cherub™ pool is a true metabolic health machine,” he says.

CONFERENCE WORK STATION: The Cherub™ can be fitted with conferencing equipment such as computers, phones, monitors, etc. One can combine work and exercise together (and spare the spine of strain).

SENSIBLE: The Cherub™ pool is easy to keep clean, maintain, and keep warm all year long … especially if one uses the cover when not in use. Using the cover avoids the need for weekly brushing and vacuuming. It avoids the risk of an “algae bloom” that plagues most pools in the rainy season. The pool’s small size makes a lot of sense, too. The swimming area is just enough to swim in place (tread water) and deep enough so that your feet do not hit the floor. In reality, one uses only a small section of most pools and the Cherub™ capitalizes on this fact. And, due to its small size, the Cherub™ pool can fit about anywhere, even in a spare room in the house. And, if you are a confirmed “lap swimmer,” the technology used in the Cherub™ and Sifer™ system can be adapted for a lap pool.

ECONOMICAL: Without the need for professional maintenance fees and expensive chemicals, the Cherub™ pool reduces the cost of pool ownership. Keeping the water warm and at the right temperature is not a problem, too. The Cherub™ pool comes standard with its own insulation and protective cover (which when raised doubles as a roof while swimming). The Cherub™ pool saves time, energy, and effort to operate.

“SCREEN TIME” … LEARN & EXERCISE AT THE SAME TIME: The Cherub™ pool can help encourage everyone to exercise. Why? First, swimming in the Cherub™ pool is serene … almost heavenly. It is a very quiet form of exercise. Second, by necessity, you have your head out of the water as you swim (for the ladies, one might want to note that you do not have to even get your hair wet). As one swims quietly along, one can be entertained by watching a movie or a documentary on a monitor placed next to the outer edge of the pool. Sometimes, it is hard to start exercising for lots of reasons. But, looking forward to seeing a good movie might just be the ticket to get into the water and move … kind of earning “screen time” with exercise. If one watches a documentary or science lecture, one would be amazed how alert one is while swimming. Especially for students, swimming in the Cherub™ is a great way to learn new subjects by watching lectures and educational programs. Somehow, the information is easier to absorb while one is exercising.

MOSQUITO NET: The Cherub™ can be fitted with a mosquito net which can be lowered from the roof when deployed.

HIGH INTENSITY BURST TRAINING: The Cherub™ elevates the art of treading water and resistance training to a new level. The Cherub™ pool’s depth (almost two meters) is perfect for high intensity training exercises. High intensity workouts are great for muscle tone and cardiovascular conditioning. If done while swimming, there is little danger of damaging the joints. Charles demonstrates “burst training” in the Healthy Lifestyle Videos … he merely clasps his hands together and moves his legs very quickly to stay afloat. “An amazing workout,” he says. Moreover, the harder and faster one swims, the more resistant the water becomes making it easy to adjust ones high intensity workout to an appropriate level.

SWIMMING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: The Cherub™ pool is about 6 feet deep … a concern if one has children. However, an optional platform inserted into the pool can be adjusted to any depth. For example, the depth can be set to only two (2) feet if desired.

PRICE:  The price for the Cherub™ pool is $54,000 USD or approximately 1,600,000 Baht. This price includes a Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship, installation, piping, accessories, cover, Sifer™ ozone water treatment system, and the pool. Options, such as accessories to use the Cherub™ as a spa, child wading platform, water heater, mosquito net, landscaping, and decking cost extra depending upon what is involved. The fee to pack and send the Cherub™ pool is also extra.

BUILD OR CONVERT YOUR OWN EXERCISE POOL?  Parties Interested in building their own exercise pool or converting their existing pool or swim/spa are welcome to contact Charles for a license of the new ozone technology and technical assistance. Prices vary depending upon the size of the pool and scope of the project. The Sifer™ ozone system can provide chemical-free heavenly water … for a lifetime!

OTHER SIFER™ SYSTEM APPLICATIONS: The Sifer™ System has been used successfully in indoor and covered pools (as stated above, large outdoor pools are still in the “test” phase). Below is a picture of previous installation as well as an artist’s conception of an indoor pool:



For more information, contact Charles Harris by email at:
Telephone: USA: (909) 525-4899 or in Thailand, Country Code (66) … Mobile (081) 960-4530

June 2017

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