Blue Diamond Ozone Water Treatment Systems

Blue Diamond Technologies, Inc. manufacturers ozone water treatment systems consisting of an ozone generator and a filter assembly. There are two sizes – the S1 or the S2 Ozone System. The choice depends on the quality of the water, the size of the storage tank, and how much water is used on a daily basis. The S1 system is used for water which is moderately contaminated with iron, manganese, etc. The S2 system is used for water with higher levels of impurities or for where the water is stored in a small tank compared to the amount of water consumed daily. The S2 system is also used for special applications requiring more ozone and more filtration.

S1 and S2 Ozone Generators. Rainier & Sherman Systems Share Same Specifications

All 304 Stainless Steel Case
Sealed Lamp Chamber
Sealed Electronics Housing
Stainless Fittings and Barbs
Whisper-Quiet Operation
Weather-Proof Construction
Longer Life UV Ozone Lamp
Reusable Lamp Chamber
Ozone Beacon Indicator
S1 Ozone Generator
One Lamp & One Pump
120Vac/60Hz/54 Watts or 230Vac/50Hz/54 Watts
3 grams/24 hours@3 L air/m
S2 Ozone Generator
Two Lamps & Two Pumps
120Vac/60Hz/104 Watts or 230Vac/50Hz/104 Watts
6 grams/24 hours@6 L air/m


Blue Diamond’s filter is made out of a special media called “Remay”
which traps impurities with a special spun-bonded polyester material. It contains no binders or solvents and it uses only FDA approved materials.

The Blue Diamond S1 & S2 ozone generators have been designed from the ground up for reliability and function. Field tested for dependability, they are made with 304 stainless steel, including the sealed UV ozone lamp chamber, the sealed electronics housing, and the tube barb connection fittings. The lamp chamber is permanent and allows for easy replacement of the UV lamp out in the field. The UV ozone lamp itself is a new extended-life ozone lamp which works longer – up to 24 months depending on water quality. The Ozone Beacon Indicator on the top of the lamp chamber shines light blue when the lamp is operating and the double helix on the lamp chamber serves as a heat guard. The air pump and electrical components are in a sealed housing and cooled with internal filtered air. The weather-proof design keeps the inside of the housing clean and dry. The wall mounting bracket is made of 304 stainless steel and it is easy to install.