Order & Delivery Information

Four (4) Medium Loaves per Pack – 240 Baht

Our most popular “loaf” of bread is our 125 gram medium size. It costs 60 Baht per loaf and it is sold as a pack of four (4) loaves for 240 Baht. Our bakery is located in Chiang Rai near Toi Dung. We can ship nationwide to your home or restaurant. Normally, the bread arrives by Thai Post EMS in one day after confirmation of the order if in the north or central part of Thailand. Delivering to the south and to the islands can take a couple of days or more.

Charlie’s Sourdough Bread – Steamed

After toasting, baking, or even steaming the bread (explained below), it will taste as if it just came out of the oven.  Details about the traditional way this bread is made, its ingredients, and how to prepare it are in the poster below, too. For those curious about our ozone water which we use in making the bread (the clean ozone water makes the wild yeast have a good supply of oxygen), some details are included about our Blue Diamond ozone water treatment system which we also make in Chiang Rai.