An “Insulin Friendly” Family of Products

All of the items featured for sale on this website form a common theme – to help one live an “insulin friendly” healthy lifestyle. On a practical level, a healthy lifestyle calls for access to healthy food, beverages, water, exercise, and stress managemnt. And, this website offers items particularly difficult to find. For example, a whole grain natural bread made from 100% wheat and rye berries, low in sugars and gluten, and full of natural fiber. The deli items at the bakery  include fermented vegetables, terrines, healthy truffles, and much more. Many of these foods are relatively easy to make, but one needs the knowledge of how and why these foods are prepared in such a way as to be “insulin friendly.” As best we can, we try to encourage people to make their own at home.

Healthy water, and specifically the use of various filters and the ozone water treatment systems, are an art unto themselves. Many professionals spend a lifetime learning how to treat water, remove pollutants, but still retain its natural minerals. Charlie’s line of ozone water treatment products are sold under the name Blue Diamond.

Finally, we believe that swimming is one of the best exercises in the world. Unfortunately, no one should be exposed to chlorine or chlorine by-products. Chlorine is toxic … that’s why its added to drinking water, household water, and of course, pools and spas – to kill bacteria and viruses. Sadly, chlorine is also toxic to us. If folks only knew how every energy producing organelle in our body is related to bacteria, one would think chlorine would be banned from human contact in all forms. Salt systems, which make chlorine by electrolysis is just as bad, but the marketing folks generally do not want to discuss this little detail.

Charles is the first to say that there are days when he does not feel like exercising. But, the Cherub™ has a cure for this – entertainment. Even on a cold and windy morning or a day after some tiring expedition, the idea of “swimming” back and watching a great movie or lecture on YouTube is enough to get anyone moving. He adds that in over 17 years of treading water for an hour a day in a free-style swimming routine, he has never suffered any injury or joint pain. So there are high hopes he can continue this exercise indefinitely.

On a final note, Charles candidly concedes that he is a “spectacularly inept businessman” (to quote Ken Burns’ assessment of Mark Twain) who would prefer to ponder principles of a healthy lifestyle and share information rather than engage in commerce. If there are those out there in cyberspace who would like to help promote these products, please let us know by email at